Help us show a child how special they are!

We believe profoundly in our mission, and are dedicated to changing the lives of these children by providing these very special birthday parties.

Whether it is through donations of money, time, or both, each and every one of us can make a difference. The following are some of the ways in which you can help.


Become a Magic Maker!

Become a Magic Maker and you can experience the happiness brought to foster children by simply celebrating them on thier special day. We have built our volunteer program around families and child involvement. It is our firm belief by providing foster children with a day to be celebrated as well as a day to simply be a child, we can make a difference.

We want children in our community to have the opportunity to give back and learn that not every child is as fortunate as they are. To be thankful for what they have; whether that be clothes, food, toys, home, and most importantly family. To learn that being kind and simply being present in a person's life is a gift.

Magic Maker Responsibilities include:
- Pickup and dropoff of party supplies (i.e. cakes, decorations, ballons etc.)
- Party setup and cleanup
- Take pictures and videos
- Singing "Happy Birthday"to all childern
- Most importantly playing with kids and creating birthday memories that the child will cherish forever.

This day is created soley around making the birthday children feel special and important. Our Magic Makers are the heart of the party - the people who truly create the magic and the memories. And we assure you, these memories will stay with you and your heart just as long.

Become a Magic Maker

Contact Birthday Presence for more information.