"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." - Oprah Winfrey

Devon Rentas
Founder, Executive Director


Devon is the founder and Executive Director of Birthday Presence. In her role as Executive Director, Devon handles the day to day operations of the company, including fund raising, party planning, and foster home outreach. Devon believes that every child is special, and deserves more than anything to feel special. Combining this deep belief with her love and passion for birthday parties, Devon came up with the unique and extraordinary idea of teaching children their importance through special birthday parties.

Prior to founding Birthday Presence, Devon worked with Child Protection Services as a case manager. Devon has always admired deeply the strength and bravery of children who have been stripped of their innocence, and has devoted her entire career in pursuit of ensuring that these children find the love that they seek. In addition to working with CPS, Devon has devoted time over the years volunteering at domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, as well as working with the Cuddler Program at local hospitals.

Devon studied and received her Bachelors degree in Family Psychology and Human Development from the University of Arizona. Devon went on to study at Arizona State University pursuing a Maters in Social Work.

An Arizona native, Devon currently lives in Gilbert Arizona with her beautiful four year old son Noah. When not working and volunteering, Devon enjoys hiking, random adventures, and dance parties with Noah. From dinosaurs to super heroes, coloring books to bike rides, Devon and Noah spend their days living life to the fullest, realizing how special and lucky they both are.

Devon Rentas


Rav is an information technology executive doing consulting for large and mid-sized enterprise organizations. He has over 17 years of experience in various aspects of global IT such as delivery, systems integration and change management. Rav received his Bachelor’s degree from The University of New York at Albany, in Finance and Management Information Systems.

In high school, Rav was diagnosed with Leukemia and underwent 2 years of treatment. He has been in remission for 20 plus years. Rav's passion for working with and volunteering for various children's organizations stems from his battle. He strongly believes in supporting children and providing them with the strength they need to be survivors.

Rav lives in Gilbert and is a proud father to two beautiful children, Aryan and Mia.

Devon Rentas


As a lover of all things girly and pink, becoming the owner of Girly Girlz in Scottsdale was a perfect fit for Melissa Fink. After nearly two decades in the communications/marketing field, Fink was ready to take a leap of faith and become an entrepreneur.

Fink’s tenacity and perseverance is exemplified daily - both personally and professionally. When she was in her 20s she lost her sister in a drunk-driving crash and then suffered a stroke after her first child was born. Battling back after these crises provided Fink with a “can-do” attitude that fuels her strong work ethic and her belief that nearly anything is possible.

Having grown up in Scottsdale, Fink has a passion for giving back to her community. From princess parties to rock star fantasies and creative summer camps, Fink’s passion aligned perfectly with Birthday Presence.

As the mother of two boys, Fink enjoys baking (and eating), spending time outdoors in the beautiful Arizona weather, and carving out quality time with her supportive husband. Fink serves on the Board of her sons’ Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and has been the top fundraiser for the annual Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Arizona walk for the last eight consecutive years.

Devon Rentas


Growing up in Chicago for almost 20 years Ashley found a love for horses and riding English, where she showed and learned about the sport. She was able to start riding at a young age and was extremely excited to pass on her knowledge to younger kids at the time and has always enjoyed teaching them.

Ashley moved to Arizona and continued her involvement in horses and teaching and started a business which involved teaching lessons to all age groups and different levels of riders. As well as, training, riding and showing horses she started a summer camp for kids where they got to learn all the different aspects of horses and the sport; along with having fun, being a kid and enjoying summer their summer vacation.

Ashley currently lives in Kansas City where she continues in the Equine business teaching lessons and riding horses. Her passion for horses and the Equestrian sport came at a very young age and has stuck with her.

One thing she truly benefits from her job is teaching children. Ashley feels privileged and truly enjoys watching the children bond with the horses as they learn and grow with something bigger than themselves. Working with the children in the Equine business gives Ashley a sense of accomplishment to simply see the kids smile. The joy you get from a child's laugh is priceless, and she am happy to see that through Birthday Presence!